HME Video Podcast Compilation

HME Podcast featuring Stephanie Weinstein

HME Video Podcasts are hosted by Stephanie and Liza, direct from HME Headquarters. Watch for a new HME Podcast coming your way every week, Monday through Wednesday.

If you have missed any of the HME Video Podcasts over the past few months, here’s your chance to catch up with a compilation of podcasts featuring the latest HME News and new HME Fire Trucks, direct from HME Headquarters in Wyoming, Michigan. These weekly video podcasts are hosted by HME’s Stephanie Weinstien and Liza Parsons, and provide  a quick and close-up look at what’s happening at HME today.

You can watch the latest HME Video Podcasts by visiting the HME YouTube Channel, or by going  to the HME website at Make sure to friend us on HME’s FaceBook page to see the HME Podcasts the moment they are released!

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HME It’s Michigan Made TV – The 2-Minute Drill

If you haven’t seen the “It’s Michigan Made” television program that aired in 2012 on WXYZ, Detroit, here’s a chance to watch it from our new, condensed 2-minute-drill HME video collection, now available on the HME YouTube Channel. In 120-seconds you’ll catch all the highlights and best features of HME fire trucks, innovations, technology and dedication to quality design and manufacturing HME is known for around the world. You’ll also learn a little more about HME’s history and traditions in this fast-moving and entertaining show. Read More…

HME is on the way to FDIC 2012

HME Boot the the 2011 FDIC

The HME Booth at the FDIC in 2011. Expect some big surprises in 2011, including the release of the new HME Scorpion. This year visit us at booth #9434. Be one of the first 100 visitors and receive an official HME Scorpion™ souvenir.

It’s time once again for the FDIC,  beginning this April 16th, 2012, at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you haven’t attended the FDIC (Fire Department Instructors Conference) before, it is the largest fire fighter training conference of its kind in the world. It’s a week filled with hands-on training, classroom sessions, and a chance to meet and see all of the top manufacturers and suppliers in the industry today. We’re exited about this year’s FDIC with an HME line-up you won’t want to miss, including the unveiling of our newest fire apparatus, and one of the most innovative and forward thinking designs in the fire industry in decades, the HME Scorpion™. Read More…

The HME 3000 Club – Big Boy Tankers and Tenders

This East Kingston Fire Department 3,000 gallon HME Tanker, from East Kingston, New Hampshire is a perfect example of what it takes to be a member of the HME 3000 Club.

This month’s HME Pumper Press is all about Tanker, Tender and Pumper Tanker engineering, stability and safety. There’s also a special section of this month’s Pumper Press dedicated to that specialized group of tankers and tenders that belong in the 3000 gallon Big Boy Tanker class, or as we like to call it, the HME 3000 Club.  The HME 3000 Club mimics Major League Baseball’s 3000 Club, which includes a select group of only 28 batters, so far, that have collected 3,000 or more regular-season hits in their careers. In the HME 3000 Club we’re waiting to hear from you to complete our list of members – all you need to do is show us your HME 3,000 gallon tanker or tender, to become part of the club. Read More…

HME Aerial Welcomed to Mackinac Island

An HME fan passed along this television news story (from Michigan’s 7 &4 News covering the northern tip of Michigan’s lower peninsula). The news story covers how this unique HME Aerial was shipped and welcomed onto Mackinac Island by the fire chief, mayor, and a retired fire fighter, and how it’s now playing an important role in protecting island residents, visitors, and the priceless, historic and buildings of the island.

We covered the arrival of this history making fire apparatus in the last issue of the HME Pumper Press, and in another HME Blog  back in early December. The voyage, and landing of the truck on the island, was also featured in the HME’s ground breaking Made-In-Michigan television commercial. If you look closely you can catch it again as this truck crosses the Mackinac Bridge and makes its way through the streets of the historic island.

We’ll be bringing you more details about this history making HME Aerial, as well as the journey and the making of the television commercial in the very near future. And hopefully we’ll have even more beautiful photos and videos from Mackinac Island, and the Mackinac Island Fire Department  - so stay tuned for more.

HME Made-In-Michigan Television Commercial Hits the Airwaves

HME is proud to make some of the best fire trucks you’ll find in the world today, right here in the state of Michigan. To showcase our dedication to designed smart, built-tough, quality Made-In-Michigan fire trucks, HME has recently produced and released a television commercial that gives viewers an idea of what the pure Michigan experience is really all about. Follow HME Fire Trucks as they travel Michigan’s colorful country roads, visit a special hometown fire station, as well as finding a new home in one America’s most iconic vacation destinations. If you live in the state of Michigan, you can catch it on your local news stations and outdoor channel. We’re sure that no matter where you live in America you’ll enjoy riding along with HME on this spectacular “Made-In-Michigan” tour.

HME Axxess Screen

If you aren’t in an area where you can watch the HME Made-In-Michigan commercial on television you can see it anytime, or share it with your friends, on the HME YouTube Channel. You can also access the HME Made-In-Michigan commercial on HMEAxxess, wherever you go or wherever you are. Don’t have an HMEAxxess app for your iPhone, iPad or Droid yet? It’s Free, and now may be the perfect time to get it for your iPhone, iPad or Droid.

Michigan Firemen’s Memorial Festival 2011: A Made-In-Michigan Success Story

Michigan Firemen's Memorial Festival

Spectators move in for a closer look at a replica of the Fireman's Memorial Statue at the Roscommon Fire Training Grounds.

The Michigan Firemen’s Memorial Festival has been celebrating the lives, bravery and dedication of Michigan Firefighters for 32 years. This year’s 2011 Festival drew thousands of visitors from across the country, and around the world, for its traditional memorial services, parades, demonstrations and exhibition of Made-In-Michigan fire apparatus at the Roscommon Fire Training Grounds, formerly the Roscommon Fairgrounds. The Michigan Firemen’s Memorial Festival is a place where firefighters, their families, friends and community can join together to remember and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the protection and safety of their fellow man. Read More…

HME Rodent Packs Big Storage and Fire Suppression Solutions in One Small Package

There are standard and commercial solutions that can sometimes effectively fit the general requirements of a fire department. Then, there are  custom build solutions, where a fire apparatus is specifically  designed and equipped to meet individual demands and push the limits and capabilities of an apparatus to a whole new level.

HME Mini ArmadaOne of a kind – Hudsonville Fire Department’s HME Mini-Pumper, aka the HME Rodent.

You can go a long way with a custom design, but how much can even the best custom-designers pack into one compact, custom mini-pumper style fire apparatus? After all, like it has been said many times before, you can’t have everything. If you want fast and quick, you’re going to have to leave something behind. Well, the Hudsonville Fire Department’s HME Rodent might possibly be  one of those rare exceptions where you can have just about everything you wanted – in one small, quick and responsive mini-pumper fire apparatus. Read More…

Stamford Connecticut : Unique Fire & Rescue Challenges Demand Unique Solutions

Stamford Fire and Rescue Headquarters

Stamford Fire & Rescue Headquarters is one of nine fire stations serving the city.

Apart from everyday dangers and risks, serving as Fire Chief in Stamford, Connecticut (see Farewell To The Chief) is not an easy task for any man, or woman. Located on the coastline of Long Island Sound, Stamford is only 35-miles east of New York City, and 40-miles southwest of New Haven.

Not only does Stamford Fire & Rescue have a significant geographic area to cover, it also has a wide range of special fire and rescue demands and challenges to meet. These challenges not only require a skilled commander, and dedicated fire fighters, but also very specialized fire apparatus.

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