HME: A Century of Engineering Innovation

HME Tilt Cab Engineering, another industry first.

HME Tilt-Cab Engineering was a fire industry first in 1983.

HME has provided the heavy-duty transportation industry and the fire industry with a 100-years of forward-thinking engineering firsts. From founder Magnus Hendrickson’s ground-breaking axle and suspension innovations in 1913, the first  tilt-cab design for a fire apparatus in 1983, to the introduction of the first Compressed Natural Gas Fire and Rescue truck, and touch-screen pump valve technology and tandem-steer and dual axle drive aerial designs in 2012, HME continues to lead the industry with innovations and technology that have changed the direction of fire apparatus engineering and design today. Read More…

HME It’s Michigan Made TV – The 2-Minute Drill

If you haven’t seen the “It’s Michigan Made” television program that aired in 2012 on WXYZ, Detroit, here’s a chance to watch it from our new, condensed 2-minute-drill HME video collection, now available on the HME YouTube Channel. In 120-seconds you’ll catch all the highlights and best features of HME fire trucks, innovations, technology and dedication to quality design and manufacturing HME is known for around the world. You’ll also learn a little more about HME’s history and traditions in this fast-moving and entertaining show. Read More…

HME Centennial 1913 – 2013

Magnus Hendrickson, Founder of Hendrickson Truck Company, 1913

Magnus Hendrickson, inventor, businessman and the founder of the Hendrickson Truck Company, 1913.

HME Ahrens-Fox is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2013. We’ll be sharing the history and traditions of the company, along with some of the most notable fire trucks over the past decades, during the coming year. Read More…

HME MiniEvo Breaks-Out in 2013 HME YouTube Video

The HME MiniEvo™ has  made its 2013 video debut on the HME YouTube Channel. See the evolution of mini-pumper design and engineering and see how HME engineers have expanded the capacity and capability of traditional mini-pumpers without sacrificing the maneuverability and economy that have been the mainstays of mini-pumper designs for over 40 years. Read More…

Michigan Firemen’s Memorial Festival 2011: A Made-In-Michigan Success Story

Michigan Firemen's Memorial Festival

Spectators move in for a closer look at a replica of the Fireman's Memorial Statue at the Roscommon Fire Training Grounds.

The Michigan Firemen’s Memorial Festival has been celebrating the lives, bravery and dedication of Michigan Firefighters for 32 years. This year’s 2011 Festival drew thousands of visitors from across the country, and around the world, for its traditional memorial services, parades, demonstrations and exhibition of Made-In-Michigan fire apparatus at the Roscommon Fire Training Grounds, formerly the Roscommon Fairgrounds. The Michigan Firemen’s Memorial Festival is a place where firefighters, their families, friends and community can join together to remember and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the protection and safety of their fellow man. Read More…

THE MAD DOG Days of Summer: Compressed Air Foam Systems to the Rescue

It wasn’t that long ago that CAFS (compressed air foam systems) were something new, almost a novelty in the fire industry. Early developers of the system would visit fire departments and spray the outside walls of the fire house with foam to demonstrate how the fire smothering “foam” could stick to a vertical wall and deliver fire suppression exactly where you wanted it. Well it didn’t take long for CAFS to “catch on” and its obvious fire suppression advantages, in everything from structure fires and wildfires, to dangerous car fire incidents, have made it an important fire suppression tool for today’s well-equipped fire departments.

MAD DOG CAFS effective performance

(HME MAD DOG™ technology has made CAFS more affordable  than ever before.)

Today HME has taken compressed air foam systems to the next logical step with the development of innovative MAD DOG™ CAFS technology. MAD DOG™ has made compressed air foam fire suppression capability more accessible to more departments – it’s the most affordable, heavy duty, structural grade compressed air foam system available on the market today.

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HME: A Stainless Reputation in Fire Apparatus Manufacturing

Apart from the quality, engineering, superior design and innovations, what separates HME Fire Apparatus from the rest of the fire trucks in the world?

HME Custom Pumper with stainless steel bodyAn HME Custom Pumper is the perfect showcase for  the class, durability, and sustainability of stainless steel.

If your answer was stainless steel, you know your HME fire trucks inside and out. Today HME is the world’s largest single-source producer of custom, stainless steel fire apparatus – bar none.

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The Year of the Wildfire and HME Wildland Fire Trucks

Nationwide, wildfires have burned almost as many acres in the first half of 2011 as were recorded by the National Interagency Center for all of last year. The agency reports that 3.1 million acres in the United States had been ignited by wildfires as of May 31st of this year, compared with a total of 3.2 million acres for all of 2010.

In Arizona, while wildfires continue to ravage the state, containment efforts have succeeded in many areas thanks to the hard work of fire fighters. Some of the thousands of residents that had been evacuated in weeks past have now been allowed to return to their homes. Many residents, however, still do not know the fate of their homes and property. Other areas of the state are still threatened by the wildfire, spurred by high winds, high temperatures, and low humidity. Rugged terrain, along with the unfavorable weather conditions, have made containment efforts difficult since the fire was ignited on May 29th.

HME Wildland Attack Fire Truck built for offroad wildland firefighting.HME Wildland fire truck designed for rapid attack firefighting operationsHME Interface fire truck loaded with fire fighting technologyHME Minipumper fire engine for off road rural and interface firefighting operations.

HME Wildland Attack, HME Wildland, HME Interface Type 1, and the HME Minipumper represent a range of fire trucks and fire apparatus designed specifically for wildfire and interface applications. Their agility and stability in on-and-off road conditions make them the perfect weapons for fighting wildfires in remote locations.

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HME Type 1 Interface – Born and Raised in the Wild West

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” right? Well the necessities of CAL Fire and the California EMA (Emergency Management Agency), along with California’s Mother Nature, certainly could be considered the mother of today’s HME Type 1 Interface.

HME Type 1 Interface fire truck fighting a California wildfire

Today’s HME Type 1 Interface was designed for the tough and demanding terrain that is the hallmark of California Wildfire and Interface fire fighting.

Lets start with the necessities of Cal Fire and Cal EMA. For those who are not familiar with California’s unique Emergency Management Agency it could be best described as a mutual aid system. This system has been operating in California since the early 1950’s under the title of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (OES). Early in 2009 the OES and the and the Office of Homeland Security merged to become what is now known today as Cal EMA.

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HME Ahrens-Fox: Continuing a Legacy of Innovation and Quality

“I can think of no more stirring symbol of man’s humanity to man than a fire engine.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut

Sometimes it takes an artist, even one as unlikely as Kurt Vonnegut, to put what we see and feel we have into words. Those who appreciate and understand the beauty of a quality fire apparatus understand exactly what the writer was talking about. When you see a great fire truck, you know immediately there is something special about it that goes beyond its bright metal and glass, valves and gear. It is a work of art with a purpose. Beautifully sculpted in steel, by men, to save and protect our lives and property.

Today's version of the innovative HME Custom Pumper Fire Apparatus

Today's HME Custom Pumper - representing the finest in fire apparatus technology, functionality and durability in the industry today.

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