Evolution of the Mini-Pumper: A Closer Look at the HME MiniEvo

HME MiniMax™

Introducing breakthrough innovation and engineering for mini-pumper performance: the new HME MiniEvo™

The new HME MiniEvo™ brings a new level of performance and fire suppression capability and power to the world of standard mini-pumper design. Introduced to the industry at FDIC 2012, the HME MiniEvo™ sparked a flurry of interest throughout the show. This innovative and affordable solution hit the mark for budget minded fire departments looking for a way to sustain protection and service for their communities in today’s economy.

HME MiniMax™ Pump Control Panel

HME brings Hydra Technology™ to the world of mini-pumpers. The HME MiniEvo™ achieved a 1500-GPM rating in a recent pump test at the HME manufacturing facility.

Engineered along the same the lines as its big brother pumpers, the HME MiniEvo™ has its the pump controls located directly behind the driver on the left side of the truck for faster and easier access. One of the innovations that separates the HME MiniEvo™ from traditional Type-6 mini-pumpers, that have been a staple of fire department’s since the early 1970′s, is its  powerful 1500-GPM pump, 500-gallon poly water tank, and 17-gallon foam tank. Most mini-pumpers today carry a pump that can generate little more than a few hundred gallons per minute performance – and with a smaller tank.  The HME MiniEvo™ dramatically increases fire suppression power and changes the possibilities and opportunities available for this type of fire apparatus.

HME MiniMax™ front grill

The HME MiniEvo's power and performance start here.

Behind this grill lurks a 6.7 liter Overhead Valve Power Stroke Diesel V-8 capable of generating 660 foot pounds-of-torque, at 2,800-RPMS – enough torque to power the 1500-GPM pump and get you anywhere you need to go – fast!

The HME MiniMax™ provides more storage capacity

The HME MiniEvo™ provides more storage space for gear and equipment with 139-feet of compartment storage and 40-cubic feet of hosebed storage.

HME MiniEvo™ maximizes available storage space and creates more room for gear and equipment than you’ll find in traditional mini-pumpers. The corrosion resistant, stainless steel body of the HME MiniEvo™  has been been dramatically increased. Traditional body heights for mini-pumper bodies are approximately 39-inches. The new HME MiniEvo™ has had its body height raised to 57-inches, providing an additional 18-inches of body to cover the larger pump and tank, and provide more room for equipment, hose beds, and gear. A number of other  features were also incorporated, such as using roll-up doors instead of traditional slam-doors, plus unique shelving and storage solutions to create more storage space. Today’s HME MiniEvo™ offer a generous 139-cubic feet of compartment storage, plus 40 cubic feet of hosebed storage, along with two crosslay hose storage spaces located above the pump house.

HME MiniMax™ is built on a Ford F-550 4x4 Chassis

HME MiniEvo™ is built on a Ford F-550 4x4 Chassis

Built on a Ford F-550, 4×4 chassis, with a heavy-duty 19,500 lbs GVWR suspension, the HME MiniEvo™ is tough enough to take you anywhere you need to go. The heavy-duty suspension and four-wheel drive maintain the agility and handiness of a traditional mini-pumper while allowing access to off-highway roads and two tracks in rough and tumble rural environments, as well as delivering the ability to negotiate long and narrow driveways where access by standard pumpers is sometimes impossible.

HME MiniMax™ cab interior.

Inside the HME MiniEvo™ offers interior is functional and down to business.

The four-door extended cab layout provides room for additional crew and equipment and effectively expands the role of today’s mini-pumper.

HME MiniMax™ rear storage compartments.

View of the HME MiniEvo™ additional rear storage compartment.

In the back of the vehicle, where ordinarily in a Type-6 you’ll see the pump, tank and all of the discharge and intake valves, you’ll now find an additional storage compartment.

The HME MiniMax™ is a game changer in the world of mini-pumper design.

The HME MiniEvo™ is a game changer in the world of mini-pumper design.

More than just an ordinary Initial Attack Pumper, HME has changed the definition of mini-pumper performance with the HME MiniEvo™.  With its 500-gallon tank, 1500-GPM side mount pump, raised stainless steel body for more storage and gear carrying capacity, the HME MiniEvo™ leaves conventional mini-pumper Type-6 designs in the dust.

HME MiniEvo™ Specifications:

  • Hale DSD 1500-GPM Side Mount Pump
  • UPF 500-gallon water tank
  • Four-door extended cab
  • Stainless steel body
  • 139-cubic feet of compartment storage
  • 40-cubic feet of hosebed storage
  • 6.7 liter Overhead Valve Power Stroke Diesel V-8
  • 660 foot pounds-of-torque at 2,800-RPMS
  • Ford F-550, 4×4 chassis
  • Heavy-duty 19,500 lbs GVWR suspension
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