The HME 3000 Club – Big Boy Tankers and Tenders

This East Kingston Fire Department 3,000 gallon HME Tanker, from East Kingston, New Hampshire is a perfect example of what it takes to be a member of the HME 3000 Club.

This month’s HME Pumper Press is all about Tanker, Tender and Pumper Tanker engineering, stability and safety. There’s also a special section of this month’s Pumper Press dedicated to that specialized group of tankers and tenders that belong in the 3000 gallon Big Boy Tanker class, or as we like to call it, the HME 3000 Club.  The HME 3000 Club mimics Major League Baseball’s 3000 Club, which includes a select group of only 28 batters, so far, that have collected 3,000 or more regular-season hits in their careers. In the HME 3000 Club we’re waiting to hear from you to complete our list of members – all you need to do is show us your HME 3,000 gallon tanker or tender, to become part of the club.

Middlefield-VFD 3000 Gallon HME Tanker

Middlefield-VFD #1 3,000 gallon HME Tanker, from Middlefield, Ohio.

These “Big Boy” tankers and tanker/pumpers are finding a special place in many suburban and rural departments because of the extra dimension they bring in the form of additional, initial attack capability. HME is experienced in designing and engineering these specialized apparatus, in both custom and commercial configurations.

Monroe Oregon FD HME 3000 Gallon Tanker

Monroe Rural Fire Protection District, 3,000 gallon HME Tanker, from Monroe, Oregon.

Each apparatus has been designed and built to meet the individual needs of each department, from specific budget parameters to the community’s unique fire fighting environment and demands.

Dayton Fire District 3000 Gallon HME Tanker

Dayton Fire District 3,000 gallon HME Tanker from Dayton, Oregon.

If you have an HME  Tanker, Tender or Pumper Tanker  that qualifies as a member of the exclusive “HME 3000 Club” send us a photo of your apparatus, or post your photos and information about the truck and your department on the HME Facebook page. We’ll be glad to feature your Big Boy Tanker and Department here on the HME Blog and in HME Photo Gallery.

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